CBC’s The Word Guy

Jonathan appears regularly as The Word Guy on CBC Radio 1’s province-wide program North by Northwest, educating and entertaining about all aspects of the English language. He is at work on a book-length version of his collected segments.

French in English (Norman Conquest aftermath) (October 2021)
Jargon (September 2021)
The Great Vowel Shift (August 2021)
Crash Blossoms (July 2021)
Bird Words (June 2021)
Workhorse Words (May 2021)
Brand Names (April 2021)
Word Origins (March 2021)
Sports Words (February 2021)
Animal Words (January 2021)
A Box of Word Chocolates (December 2020)
Number-Based Words (November 2020)
Lost Words (October 2020)
Spelling Reform (August 2020)
Pet Peeves (July 2020)
The Story of Scrabble (May 2020)
Good Words (April 2020)
Internet Age Words (April 2020)
What is Wit – Part 1 (March 2020)
Asymmetrical Words (February 2020)
Word Cousins (January 2020)
Short Words (December 2019)
Shakespeare (November 2019)
Collective Nouns (October 2019)
Bad Words (September 2019)
Euphemisms (August 2019)
Diacritical Marks (July 2019)
Word Order (June 2019)
Capitalization (April 2019)
Rhymes (March 2019)
Cliches (February 2019)
Discourse Markers (January 2019)
Neologisms (December 2018)
Alphabet Origins (October 2018)
Contradictions (September 2018)
Demonyms (August 2018)
Puns and Tom Swifties (July 2018)
Words Formed by Mistake (June 2018)
Definitions (May 2018)
Prepositions (April 2018)
Idioms (March 2018)
Fossil Words and Absent Antonyms (February 2018)
Adjectives and Adverbs (January 2018)
Mixed Metaphors and Misplaced Modifiers (December 2017)
Verbs! (November 2017)
Cataloguing Words (June 2017)
What is a word? How many are there? (December 2016)
Acronyms, Initialisms, Abbreviations, Portmanteaux (October 2016)