About Us

Who We Are

Berkowitz & Associates is a Vancouver-based firm offering a full range of statistical consulting services including problem formulation, research design, statistical analysis, graphics, reporting and continuing statistical education.

Statistical techniques are a powerful aid to identifying, evaluating and solving common and complex problems. Today, these techniques are being successfully applied to a broad spectrum of medical, industrial, scientific, educational, business, legal, government and research activities, and the scope of these applications is increasing rapidly.

Berkowitz & Associates brings together innovative and talented professionals with extensive experience in all areas of statistics. The firm also has working relationships with management consultants, program evaluation consultants, as well as computing, economic and environmental consulting groups, in the Lower Mainland. We serve clients in a wide range of areas, including medical research, allied health services, dentistry, pharmaceutics industry, social science, management and business administration, accounting, law, manufacturing, physical science, engineering and high-technology (see Past Clients for more details).