Professional Activities

Dr. Jonathan Berkowitz, professor, consultant, statistician

Professionally, Jonathan Berkowitz Ph.D. (Statistics, University of Toronto) leads a double life. He is a consulting statistician in private practice with Berkowitz & Associates Consulting Inc., and a Full-Time Lecturer with the Sauder School of Business and the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Berkowitz has over thirty five years of experience in applied statistics. His company offers a full range of statistical consulting services including problem formulation, research design, data analysis, computing, report and manuscript writing, and continuing statistical education.

He has been involved in a wide range of collaborative and interdisciplinary research and consulting in healthcare and medical research, social science, law, engineering, biotechnology, transportation, and management consulting (see Past Clients page for more examples). He offers advice on experimental design, survey sampling methodology, program evaluation and statistical analysis. He has a proven reputation in the application of sound statistical procedures from project design to final analysis and reporting. Dr. Berkowitz’s clients enthusiastically describe him as a “user-friendly” statistician!

Dr. Berkowitz has contributed to numerous successful research grant applications to national, provincial, and local granting agencies in many subject areas, consulting and writing on issues of design, methodology, sample size and analysis. He has co-written, edited, and revised many peer-reviewed journal articles, technical papers, study reports and in-house publications (see Publications). He has also provided assistance to more than 100 graduate students to help them complete their degrees. His wide and comprehensive range of experience makes him an invaluable member of any research team and highly qualified to carry out statistical analysis of large-scale and small-scale quantitative research.

Personal Activities

Jonathan has a wide range of speaking and writing credits to his name, ranging from the academically-oriented to entertainment (skits, song parodies, humour pieces), to educational articles and speeches on many topics. He is a sought-after presenter to service groups, businesses, and schools, entertaining students and seniors alike. He is well-known for his creativity, which involves a unique combination of words and numbers.

His love of patterns extends to music; Jonathan is also a classically-trained pianist. Long ago, in his student days, trivia was his passion, and he competed and won on several Canadian television quiz/game shows.

Jonathan is happily married to Heather, a very supportive, literate and creative wife. They have two grown sons, both who have inherited the math gene and a way with words.