While numbers are Jonathan’s vocation, words are his avocation, and a passion for puzzles, word games, and puns have become an integral part of all he does.

Jonathan appears regularly as The Word Guy on CBC Radio 1’s province-wide program North by Northwest, educating and entertaining about all aspects of the English language. In a previous role he was known as The Puzzling Professor (see Resources and CBC’s The Word Guy page for a few examples of his recordings).

Jonathan is an active member of the North American-wide National Puzzlers’ League, for which he twice co-hosted the annual convention. For six years he served as the puzzle editor and composer for the American Statistical Association’s CHANCE magazine. Now he serves as the quizmaster and co-emcee of One To One Literacy Society’s annual spelling bee corporate fundraiser.

Jonathan in his office working on puzzles.
Jonathan in his home office working on puzzles.

See if you can solve the three puzzles below!

Examples of Jonathan's puzzles

How did you do? (See the solutions.)

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Will Shortz and Jonathan Berkowitz
Will Shortz (American puzzle creator and editor, and crossword puzzle editor for The New York Times) and Jonathan Berkowitz